Are Australian House prices headed north again, to new record highs?

The signs are increasing that there is a growing momentum is home prices and demand in Australia’s Largest Capital cities, particularly Melbourne and Sydney. Many Bank and industry experts are now saying that the breakout in real estate prices above old peaks may come by Christmas, when earlier predictions for home price recovery were all […]

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New Homes: Why are Australians building bigger homes?

Australian has taken over the US as the McMansion capital of the World. But are bigger homes better for us? As Mel Brooks once said, “That’s it baby, when you’ve got it flaunt it.” Australians love the Australian Dream, and in Australia that means a home of your own. Until recently, it didn’t mean a […]

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New House prices: Why Australia’s housing bubble will not pop

Australia’s house prices have remained stubbornly resilient through and beyond the Global Financial Crisis to now, and I believe that any “housing bubble ” threat has past long ago. Here are my reasons. For over a decade I have been saying house prices are too high because land prices are too high. They were too […]

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Australia’s home construction industry recovery

Some say that the green shoots in the home building industry yet to poke through in some regions, but Australian home builders will see better days ahead.  Queensland home building growth tipped BIS Shrapnel’s “Building In Australia 2013-2028” report says that growth in residential markets in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia will happen, […]

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Banking services available at most Australian Banks, Building Societies and Credit Unions Banks in Australia have developed an array of banking services to serve their customers in an increasingly competitive industry. When buying or constructing a home, its important that you have branch banking services your require near where you intend to build. Many people […]

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Sydney Housing : Does high density housing make you infertile?

Joel Kotlin is an expert in city living and has studied trends of cities  and fertility rates around the World. But is he right about Sydney’s high density housing making you infertile ? I say no, and for several reasons. Firstly Australia’s fertility rate has been dropping since the pill was introduced. Secondly people are […]

Housing Market: Queensland real estate a buyers market, but is it investors paradise?

What is the best time to buy real estate in Queensland? Some say now the best time in a decade. The current slump in house values and sales in the Queensland housing market have created an attractive buying signal for investors, according to some in the real estate industry. QLD property is  at the bottom […]

Housing Market: The case for increasing land supply to bring down house prices

Is increasing land supply the real key to bring down house prices? Australia’s housing market is a key driver of the domestic Australian economy. This article attempts to shed light on the true cause of our high home prices and that over priced land is the the real cause of our our over priced homes. […]

Climate Change: White clouds reflect solar heat so could it cool Australia?

Clouds reflect solar radiation back into space. Whiter clouds reflect more solar energy back into space, cooling the Earth. So the science says. Cloud whitening is just one of a range of strategies known as “geo-engineering”. Can this science it make Australia a cooler more comfortable place to live in and help us reduce carbon […]